District Welfare Office

Activity Report of ST&SC Dev., Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Section of Bhadrak District.

Post-Matric Scholarship to SC,ST & OBC/SEBC students

Post-Matric Scholarship is given to SC, ST & OBC/SEBC students reading in Post-Matric level in Bhadrak District & reading in Outside state of student of Bhadrak District. 9868 No. of ST/SC students (832 ST & 9036 SC) amounting to ` 10,91,00,824/- are in receipt of Post-Matric Scholarship. Besides 7644 OBC/SEBC students are in receipt of amounting to ` 1,27,29,659/- .Post-Matric Scholarship for each category is being transferred under DBT mode.

Pre-Matric Scholarship to SC,ST & OBC/SEBC students

Pre-Matric Scholarship is being given in sectors namely Central Sector and State Sector. Pre-Matric Scholarship paid to IX & X students is covered under Central Sector and scholarship to students reading in VI –VIII comes under state Sector. 616 nos of ST students & 11583 nos of SC students reading in class IX & X amounting to ` 20,26,050/- & ` 3,20,49,050/- have been paid respectively. Pre-Matric Scholarship is given to SC,ST & OBC/SEBC students reading in Pre-Matric level (High Schools & M.E. Schools)in Bhadrak District. 23608 Nos of ST/SC students (2895 ST & 20713 SC) amounting to ` 1,51,81,460/- are in receipt of Pre-Matric Scholarship. Besides 852 nos of OBC/SEBC students are in receipt of amounting to ` 8,52,000/-. Pre-Matric Scholarship for the students of IX & X is being transferred under DBT mode and Pre-Matric Scholarship for class VI to VIII is being transferred to school account directly from state Head Quarters to ensure timely receipt of funds.

Bankable IGS

Self-help group (SHG) belonging to BPL families are given subsidy through banks for economic development. 988 nos of beneficiaries have been given subsidy amounting to Rs. 92.35 lakhs under Income Generating Schemes through Bank to BPL families.

Compensation to Atrocity victims

Cases registered under ST & SC POA Act. 1989 get compensation after recommendation from joint enquiry officer namely Executive Magistrate and DSP. 18 nos of victims under ST & SC POA Act. Rules 1995 have been paid compensation in amounting to ` 6,70,000/-.

Inter Caste Marriage

Incentive is given to Inter-Caste married couple belonging to Scheduled Caste and Caste Hindu. 49 nos of couple have been sanctioned incentive under Inter Caste Marriage amounting to ` 24,50,000/-.


1768 nos of students were reading in Educational Institutions managed by ST & SC Dev. Deptt. 5 nos of Girls Hostels and 2 nos Boys Hostels are functioning under SSD Deptt. out of 1768 no. students 258 nos of boys and 394 nos of girls boarders are staying in the hostels.