Culture & Heritage

Bhadrak is famous for Bhadrakali Temple, which is also now a great occasion over the district. Aradi, Chandabali, Dhamanagar, Dhamara, and Guamala Nuasasan are some other places of tourist interest. Brahmangan, another village in Basudevpur constituency of this district is famous for its century old Prasanna Khemeswar mahadeva temple and its melana jatra during Holi. Durga puja and Jagar also famous in this village. Bonth, Basantia, Basudebpur blocks and villages respectively in which village various Melas are organised in various days of the year out of which Panchuka Purnima which is celebrating in a very great fun of people in which boat is sailed in the big pond of Basantia village in the memories of Oriya Sadhabas, who was going to make their business in the near islands like Java and Borneo, Indonesia for too many days. Also in this mela many  Opera parties perform their  plays here too.