The Judgeship has its Headquarters in the city of Bhadrak, which is known for its own history. During 2nd and 4th century A.D., one king namely ‘Dharmadhar’ was reigning at Bhubaneswar under whom Samanta king named ‘Sragana’ was reigning at Bhadrak. From 1211 AD to 1436 AD and from 1436 AD to 1568 AD, Bhadrak was under Ganga and Surya Bansi Dynasty respectively. During 1568 AD to 1578 AD Suleman Karani and his son Daud were Administrator of Bhadrak. During this period Odisha was divided into 3 Sarkar namely Cuttack, Bhadrak & Jaleswar. During the Mughal period Bhadrak was divided into 7 Mahalas, thereafter Aurangzeb divided into 29 Mahalas but subsequently 14 Mahalas are existed in Bhadrak. Later Marathas took over Bhadrak since 1752 AD to 1803 AD and thereafter British took over Odisha in 1803. For better administration, British Govt. divided the coastal Mughal Bandi area into 2 divisions namely Cuttack and Balasore. At that time Bhadrak was under administrative control of Balasore. Mr. Raber… was Administrative Officer of Bhadrak.

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