Bhadrak District is an administrative District of Odisha state in eastern India. The District is named after the town of Bhadrak, which is the District headquarters. It came into existence on 1st April 1993. This District has a rich heritage and history and according to legends, it also derives its name from the Goddess Bhadrakali, whose temple stands on the banks of the river Salandi.

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District at a Glance

  • Area: : 2505 Sq.Km.
  • Population: : 1506337
  • Language: : ODIA
  • Villages: : 1370
  • Male: : 760260
  • Female: : 746077
Siddeshwar Baliram Bondar
Collector & District Magistrate. Shri Siddeshwar Baliram Bondar,IAS
Varun Guntupalli IPS
Superintendent of Police Sri Varun GuntuPalli, IPS